Gérard Fitremann (also known as ‘Fitro’), (Belgium / France 1945 – 2007).
Surrealist portraits and landscapes (Campine and the Ardennes), He was a student at the Academy of Liège (Evariste Carpentier, Adrien de Witte.) He worked alongside Carpentier Kempen. Travel in Spain and Provence. He often participates in exhibitions in Brussels and Liege.
“Le cri” around 1968, Aquatinte of great size of fifty copies with strong colors and “embossing”. Print by G. Fitremann, signed and entitled.
Since 1970 when Gérard Fitremann abandoned his role as a master printer to concentrate exclusively on his own distinctive art work, it was clear for art critics and dealers that a potential large talent was rising on the art horizon. Steadily creating a large body of work – engravings, watercolors and paintings – in Paris, Fitremann’s reputation to settle down and his art work quickly appeared and recognized and was sold at first in galleries and then in international art market and art fairs.
Realization in 1978 of an album of a continuation of 8 great original engravings inserted into a wallet of clothbound in box. Every engraving is preceded by a poem created by Kenneth White specially for this album called “Cosmogonie”. First major continuation which works on several emotional levels of Fitremann and Apos; abstract forms, subtle and very sophisticated, are colored ornamental and visually very attractive.
The second continuation was published and distributed by “Meridian Gallery” in 1979.
Other albums will follow after that one.