Louttre.B, pseudonym of Marc-Antoine Bissière, was born July 15, 1926 in Paris where he died April 6, 2012, is a French painter and printmaker, whose first non-figurative work develops from 1962 in the sense of “allusive representation” at once poetic and humorous.

Leaving Paris in 1938 Bissière moved to Boissiérette in the Lot, where Louttre remained until 1949. Early as 1942 he began to paint while he works in the fields and hauled wood. In February 1944 he took, under the name of Antoine Bissière, an exhibition at the Galerie de France, prefaced by Gaston Diehl, with Bissière and friends Bertholle, Le Moal, Manessier Singier, Stephen Martin.
In 1945, working with Louttre Bissière. In 1949, Louttre moved to Paris. Pierre Loeb Gallery presents his paintings in 1957 and Jeanne Bucher Gallery in 1959 (preface by Jacques Lassaigne). He exhibited in parallel at the Salon of May and at the Salon of New Realities. In 1960 he begins to engrave linoleum and wood in taille douce, friendly complicity with Marcel Fiorini. In 1961 he is laureate at the second Biennale de Paris. From 1962, he turns away from the nonrepresentational and returns to live Boissiérette until 1967, now signing his paintings Louttre.B. From 1965 to 1967 he produced a series of paintings in sand. It is in 1966, laureate of the fifth Biennial burning Tokyo and in 1967, the Triennial Grenchen, Switzerland. In 1970, the Gallery Jeanne Bucher exposes, prefaced by Gaëtan Picon, the ” engravings for the wall” (2 meters by 3 meters) that Louttre.B was printed with the help of Paul Fiorini and Decottignies. “It seemed to me uninteresting to do engraving if I cannot invent a new technique; and if this technique, I do not making it change over the years ” Louttre.B working between Paris and Boissiérette, then presents nearly one hundred solo exhibitions of his paintings and engravings in Paris (including Fabien Boulakia gallery between 1979 and 1987, and the gallery The Third Eye) and province, but also in Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. He produced several books and, from 1966, monumental sculptures in cement, mainly for public buildings.