Luis Feito was born in Madrid in 1929. Teacher at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando in 1954, he moved to Paris two years later to study the avant-garde movements. In the French capital, he will receive the influences of automation and “matiérisme”. His early work is in the figurative movement. He then explores a cubist period, before reaching abstraction. Around 1962, he introduced the red in circular structures and figures that will lead, little by little, in the 70s, to the geometric and colour fullness. After passing through Montreal, he moved to New York in 1983. His work is part of the greatest private’s collections and the most renowned museums in the world. He is a founding member of the El Paso group (1957). Most of his works, without title, are identified by their numbering.
Price Officer in the Order of Arts and Letters in France (1985)
Gold Medal of Fine Arts (France 1998)
Price of the Spanish Association of Art Critics lounge Estampa (2000)
Price for Culture of the Autonomous Community of Madrid (2003)