Maurice CANUEL (called MÔ)
Born in Fort de France, Martinique, France, in 1948.
member of “Maison des Artistes” of Paris
“School beaux-Arts Paris”
“Noor Zade BRENNER School” Paris, Sculpture and modelling.
“School of Line Vautrin” Paris, Sculpture with the technique of Talosel
“Edouard MAC’AVOY School” Paris, painting.“
“Roger et Gallet” faubourg Saint Honoré asked him for some sculptures and luxury objects to make on talosel, for several years
Made by the “Hallway Oversea ldt” a decoration in his hotel in Djerba
“Maurice CANUEL Art. Inc.” and “The Staircase” two art galleries in Ottawa and in Hull (Canada/Quebec)
Worked in the Gallery “La Pochade” Bd Saint germain Paris 6, in the workshop of Prints Editions “Empreinte” Bd Saint Germain Paris 6 and “Art distribition” rue de la Reynie Paris 4
“Maurice and Pascal Gallery” Denia, Costa Blanca Spain until 2016