Born on January 6th, 1935 in Tartare, he’s russian origine. He’s a Painter, engraver, lithographer and sculptor, The woody hills, the monumental trees and the rocks, the walls and the stones which live in his works. Draftsman of silk trade to the workshop G. Corsin in Lyon, he practices in the evening the course of model living to the School of Fine Arts.
In 1965 he is selected for the Biennial IV of Paris.
He exposes to the gallery Le Lutrin of Paul Gauzit.
In 1975, he participates at the exhibition organized by Jean Clair “The despair of the Painter” which will become “The New Subjectivity”.
In 1978, He exposes at the Georges Pompidou Center for the “Ateliers d’Aujourd’hui” where he has a personal exhibition.
In 1981, again to the Georges Pompidou Center “Dessins d’Expression Figurative”.
He enters at the galerie Pierre Loeb in Paris and sells a series of big drawings of stones and trees to the President of the French Republic François Mitterrand.
In 1983 and in 1985, the gallery Jan de Maere presents a personal exhibition at the FIAC.
In 1986 he exposes in Paris in the gallery Blondel.
In 1992, he participates in the exhibition “De Bonnard à Baselitz” au Cabinet des estampes de la Bibliothèque Nationale à Paris.
The French museums expose his work.