Yves PAQUIN was born in Montreal in 1951. Hi first meeting with the drawing was communicated with him by his father. Self-taught by training, he experiments during all these years, drawing, paint, sculpture cartoon. In 1968, he moved to Ottawa.

• 1976 he begin to illustrate the Tarot of Marseille, the work which will set him more than 2 years. This work, square, in the style of the Illustrators of the Middle Ages.
• 1977 Galerie MAURICE CANUEL in Ottawa Canada 1st Exhibition: “Les 22 LAMES du TAROT DE MARSEILLE de Marseille” engravings pulled to 69 limited copies.
• 1978 “Galerie L’ESCALIER” managed by MAURICE CANUEL to Hull Québec. Second exhibition “22 lames du tarot de Marseille”.
• 1978 He receives for this work the “Prize of the Graphic designers” awarded by the Companions De Lure, in France, during the exhibition of his 22 lames du tarot in Paris. Afterward, he exposes in France and in Quebec.
• 1980 Jacques Languirand suggests him to publish his work in Book size with playing cards, together with his publishing house “Minos” in “Les Editions de Mortagne”.
• 1981 The National office of the Movie of Canada him suggest “la légende de la Corriveau” in 84 paintings. This project took away the same year “the golden medal” category Films educational. In 1981 He is too at “International Movie and Television Festival in New York”. Also, at the same time, he signs personalities’ caricatures which appear in Perspective, the supplement of the newspaper “la Presse”.
• 1984 commemorative Stamp “Jacques Cartier”, France stamp emitted jointly by Canada and France.
• 1986 Stamp to underline the 200th birthday of “Philippe Aubert de Gaspé”.
• 1987 Canadian Museum logo and the design of exhibition of the new Canadian Museum of the Post office.
• 1989 art director, BCP and Léveillée-Vickers and Benson.
• 1990 He realizes the cover album of Richard Desjardins “TU M’AIMES TU”
• 1992 he established “Rouleau-Paquin design communication”. Until today, He realized 8 dress handkerchiefs Richard Desjardins’s CD: His works were reproduced in 35 million copies in Canada, in 12 millions in France Museum of contemporary art of Montreal exhibition Pellan
• 1993 Canadian Museum of civilizations: movie Imax Maya, visual identity
• 1994-1995 He receives the PRIZE: “pixel of silver”, category Posters, Competition “Golden pixel”.
• 1996 Museum ferrovière Canadian: visual identity Exporail
• 2004/2015 Yves Paquin realizes the project “Nataq”, casket of art containing 8 original engravings, pulled to 100 limited copies. Engravings are numbered and signed.
• 2016 “LA GALERIE Maurice & Pascal” in Denia, Spain. Presentation “LES 22 LAMES du TAROT de Marseille” from Yves Paquin